LPTM review: HOW WE BEGIN/King’s Head Theatre/11 & 12 August.2019

‘I can’t imagine a better place to be’ ★★★★.5

This is a fine, fine piece of work. Funny, tender, heartbreaking, delicately written, immaculately played. It is so simple, and so true. The two actors work beautifully in concert, the rapid-fire dialogue seems effortless, the way they move around each other is beautiful, the long-awaited, agonisingly delayed moment when they actually kiss and don’t just talk about it was lovely. I sat there, an ageing straight father-of-grown-up-children, weeping for two young women whose friendship erupts into love and passion and then breaks. Because… because it does. The play doesn’t really explain much, but it does make you share the feeling, and that’s wonderful; very sad and very wonderful.
— Read on www.londonpubtheatres.com/how-we-begin-kings-head-theatre-11-12-august-2019

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