LPTM review: THE DEATH OF IVAN ILLYCH/Lion and Unicorn Theatre/4-6 August 2019/Camden Fringe

Ambition in a theatre company is an excellent thing, and there’s a lot of ambition on display in Pip O’Neill and Luke Ofield’s radical re-telling of Tolstoy’s “The Death of Ivan Illych”. There was obviously a decision somewhere along the way that Leo’s rather sombre reflection on death, redemption, and the Good Life, needed pep, and pep they gave it. On-line poker, wi-fi criticism, Abba songs, a slew of 21st century concerns (and Abba) were slung into the mix to make this – what? Relevant? Accessible? A laff riot? What got lost was any serious contemplation of mortality, which is surely the point of the source material. If you don’t want to deal with that, why chose Tolstoy’s story in the first place? If you like Tolstoy, this is a travesty. If you don’t like Tolstoy, you’ll probably elect to attend a different show.
— Read on www.londonpubtheatres.com/the-death-of-ivan-illych-lion-and-unicorn-theatre-4-6-august-2019-camden-fringe

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