LPTM review: BAREBACK, The Bill Murray.

‘ … an intriguing concept well delivered. If ever I come across a hand-crafted artisanal dildo, I shall think of this show.’ ★★★.5

This was a very high concept sketch show with an awful lot of ratty wigs. It featured a disembodied anus and vagina double act, a self-help guru with a thing for Barbra Streisand, and a variety of other characters who explored their sexuality in an afterlife game show. Or something. A non-stop parade of lightly sketched characters zipped on and off the tiny stage of the Bill Murray pub, sharing jokes and thoughts about sex, sexuality, and prohibitions against lip-synching, and did an alright job.
— Read on https://www.londonpubtheatres.com/bareback-the-bill-murray-10-and-11-august-2019-the-camden-fringe

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