ELVIS DIED OF BURGERS: Battersea Arts Centre, Friday 26th May, 2023.


Warm hearted, generous spirited, effortlessly integrated, Blink Dance Theatre bring their special brand of performance magic to this re-telling of Elvis’ peanut-butter sandwich induced demise. It is an experience – some of us are performers, some of us aren’t, some of us are in the audience, some of us aren’t, some of us have a disability, some of us don’t, and some of us got to dance in a giant burger suit with sparkly condiments and a bra made of tomatoes, and some of us (this is the bit that stings) some of us didn’t.

The show is food-themed, with an interest in exploring the things we like to eat that make us happy even if they make us fat and ill, an exploration that actually helps to understand Elvis’s weird dietary habits, although the exploration of themes is less of a priority than dressing up in things that glitter and sitting on sparkly gold commodes. It isn’t a show that takes itself too seriously, it is a show that delights in inclusion. Delson Weekes does a show-stopping Elvis impression, satin jumpsuited, Rhinestone “King” be-caped, and with performance nods to Little Richard and James Brown. Francis Majekodunmi is the MC and the Dancing Burger, and a number of other notable entrances, and Rachel Gildea and Vicki Hawkins are always there to pick up the pieces, to boogie with feeling, and to tell one or two affecting stories of their own. The stage picture is rounded out by Rachel Jones integrating her BSL interpretation with a dancer’s elegance and a seamless inclusion in the action.

A one hour show that never gets old, that has a lot of laughs, that introduces pet names for Elvis’s poo which is a tad startling, and that goes for maximum flash at all times. The capacity audience at the Battersea Arts Centre loved it, hearts were warmed, and we got to celebrate the show’s finale with bubbly fruit juice and Haribo. The show is about to start a national tour, and the nation is in for a (sweet) treat.

Four big shiny stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟


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